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11-Jan-2018 07:44

Accessing your retirement funds comes with different rules, depending on whether it’s a 401(k) or an IRA.Based on your company’s rules, you can often borrow up to ,000 (or half your vested balance) from a 401(k) and repay it within five years —unless you leave the company sooner, in which case you have 60 days to repay or face tax consequences and possible penalties. The money you receive is an actual withdrawal, albeit a temporary one: You have only 60 days to re-deposit it, either into the same IRA or put a new one before it is considered a permanent withdrawal, with tax and potential penalty consequences. I am afraid my husband may liquidate our 401k and IRA's that are in his name.Is there anything I can to do freeze the accounts or make sure he can't empty them out before I can hire a lawyer or file for dissolution?There is always the risk that one party will loot the community estate in anticipation of a family law proceeding, or that they may even act innocently but still wind up depriving the other spouse of their community interest in a pension asset.

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Borrowing from a financial institution can subject you to high interest rates.Many people are tempted to take money out of their work retirement plan when they hit a financial rough patch.Before you pull the trigger and take an early withdrawal from a 401(k) or a 403(b), you need to fully understand the rules and penalties.So by the time you actually enter retirement, you may have both taxable and tax-deferred resources.

To make the most of your money, does it matter which assets you sell first to create retirement income?

Lets assume your husband has a Roth IRA for ,000.

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