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26-Aug-2017 15:20

As a result, Netflix are so impressed by the response it will debut in 2016 a new feature movie by the Golden Globe-winner - about a radio reporter who files fake news about a far-away war from the comfort of a Manhattan hideout.Last night, Amy Schumer made headlines when she stepped out onto the red carpet with her boyfriend, Ben Hanisch, which was big news, because the couple hasn’t made many public appearances.

Obviously, you should vote for that incredible show The Office.

Jane Fallon (born 9 December 1960) is the author of six top ten best-selling novels, Getting Rid of Matthew (which reached number 7 in the Nielsen Bookscan Fiction Top 10 in 2007), Got You Back (number 5 in 2008), Foursome (number 8 in 2010), The Ugly Sister (number 2 in 2011), Skeletons (2014), and Strictly Between Us in 2016.

She is a former television producer, and her most famous work is on the popular series Teachers, 20 Things To Do Before You're 30, East Enders and This Life.

Before adding jokingly: “We don’t want any more toasters, we never want our families to meet, that would be terrible.” Jane, also 53 and a novelist, has previously spoken about their decision not to havechildren, saying: “Little girls talk about ‘When I’ve got kids’ and ‘When I’m married’ but that never interested me.”And Ricky appears to echo her sentiments, we hope with a trademark tongue-in-cheek tone: “Kids are spongers, they never give you anything back.

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Let’s keep all our money.”Meanwhile the Reading-born comedian, who is rumoured to be working on a feature-length fi lm based on David Brent, the character he created in the hit series The Office, adds that he and Jane have been thinking of a plan for what to do with their combined wealth.Ricky, 53, who met long-time partner Jane Fallon while they were studying at University College London in 1982, says he doesn’t really see the need to cement their relationship any further.