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Consistent and unchanging specs vastly simplified parts and servicing. Also the easiest riding, well balanced five spring Brockway wagon, so well liked by farmers, and made at Homer, N. A full line of one and two horse Conklin lumber wagons. One word to our customers, you can, you will and you must do just as well here as it is possible for similar articles elsewhere. Any one wishing a fine carriage will do well to call on Andrews & Johnson and look their stock over and place an order for one of my standard buggies. While the block was under construction the senior Brockway was stricken with an as-yet-unknown debilitating illness and his son, George A. Brockway passed from this mortal coil, his funeral services being held at the Homer Congregational Church with the assistance of clergy from Homer's Methodist-Episcopal Church. Brockway Estate Wagon Co.) When the estate was finally settled in 1891 George A. Brockway had recently joined the Syracuse Automobile Club: The Automobile Club of Syracuse, N. On Models A and B a two-speed planetary gearset is employed, while on the others, three-speed selective gearsets and cone clutches are features. An ad placed by the local distributor in the March 21, 1915 issue of the Harrisburg Courier announced that David Brown-style worm drive was also standard: The Brockway truck attracted much attention last week at the auto shows. They are constructed of highest standardized units throughout. all hot riveted, and with strong gussets Insures plenty of strength. In connection with these trucks the company operates 3-ton trailers equipped with similar bodies. Like many truck manufacturers, Brockway experience a post-war drop in sales, which can be directly attributed to the fact that large numbers of ex-military Liberty trucks had entere the used truck market. has resumed operatons with its full force of 200 employees.

Brockways conservatism and reluctance to change specs appealed to the sort of customer who bought these units. In January, 1884, Tripp withdrew from the partnership, leaving Williams sole proprietor of the furniture store and undertaking parlor. We have the agency for Rushford, Friendship and Cuba for the most elegantly finished platform wagon in the market. Please insert the following notice: I am pleased to state to the public that I have, during the present season, sold and shipped Andrews & Johnson, of Atlantic, Crawford county, Pa., sixty buggies and spring wagons. Main St., Homer where he constructed a handsome brick, three-story, commercial block which was christened the Brockway Building. The Brockway mansion, which was constructed for George soon after his marriage, remains standing at the same address, 82 South Main St., Homer, N. The Club Notes column of the June 24, 1903 issue of The Horseless Age reveals George A. Left steer and center control are used on all models. The frame is of heavy pressed steel channel, suitably cross-braced. This company has installed four Brockway 3 1-2-ton trucks with bodies and enclosed cabs. A Buda engine was used in this model along with many other well-known components. wheelbase, the driveline was through a two-piece propeller shaft, using three universal joints and a supporting self-aligning bearing in the center.

I've reproduced Bruce's words below (with his permission): I have been told that Power Kerosene can be made using a mixture of kerosene and mineral turps in a 50/50 (or 1:1) ratio.

The way this came about is that I am involved with a TACL Rail Tractor at the Puffing Billy Steam Museum.

Brockway Estate Wagon Co., 1889-1913; Homer, New York; Brockway Motor Truck Co., 1912-1922; Brockway Motor Fire Apparatus Co., 1916-1930; Brockway Motor Truck Corp., 1922-1932; Cortland, New York; Indiana Truck Corp. Again he was the only member of the family listed as owning any property and by that time he employed 10 hands, the 1860 US Census of Industry (taken June 1, 1860) reporting: In October 1860 Brockway married Edith Hine of Preble, Cortland County, New York, a direct descendant of Revolutionary War hero Jared Hine, (b.1734-d.1877) who was fatally wounded in the Battle of White Plains. Although his name was not yet among them, the 1869 directory also listed the following Homer carriage builders: Alexander Bates (Bates Carriage Manufactory), Charles E. They removed from the old office on Tuesday, leaving Tripp & Williams in full possession of the cabinet warehouse. As displacement increased, more oil was required and 2-cycle engines proved inadequate to handle the demands posed by a large commercial vehicle. The Torpedo was typically equipped with a 35 gal chemical tank and 200 ft of hose and could carry up to four firefighters.

Many of our engines ran on what was known as Power Kerosene (as distinct from Lighting Kerosene which is all we can get today).

Fortunately most of them will operate just as well on petrol (gasoline).

Fleet operators with big shops and parts departments of their own knew that new models wouldn't make their inventories obsolete. In March of 1886 the Knights of Labor, at its time the nation's largest labor union, ordered a boycott against the wagons and sleighs made by Gage, Hitchcock & Co, W. Brockway and the Homer Wagon Company, all of Homer, N. They accused all three firms of discharging workers because they were members of the Knights of Labor. Brockway, took charge of the business affairs of the carriage works while William's younger brother Henry S. It was reported that his employees led the procession to Glenwood Cemetery and the plant's foremen lowered his body into it final resting place. Brockway assumed the presidency of the carriage works at an annual salary of ,000 (as stipulated by his father's will - one source says ,000). Brockway, in 1875, and the son who was associated with him up to the time of his death in 1889, continued the business under the old name, William N. Y., at its last meeting determined to hold an automobile race on the afternoon of July 4, either on the State Fair Ground mile track of the half mile track at Kirk Park. 1915 Brockways featured Continental engines, conventional hoods, cast-case, finned-tubed radiators supplied by Rome-Turney and sturdy stamped-steel frames supplied by the Parish Mfg. The makers are specializing in motor truck construction. A truck of 1 1-2 tons capacity has been installed in both Baltimore and Washington for intra-city distribution. Sales started to look up in early 1921, the February 24, 1921 issue of Automotive Industries reporting a group of furloughed employees were returning to work: Brockway Starts Full Force Cortland, N. Preparations are being made for the enlargement of the plant.

Similarly, mechanics found the latest Brockways not much different from the old. Homer's manufacturers refused to negotiate the Knights of Labor members, electing instead to shutter their factories during the summer in hopes of forcing union members to abandon their cause and return to work in the fall, when local opportunities for employment were few and far between. His obituary appeared in the November 1, 1889 issue of the Cortland County Democrat: William N. Brockway's will, written in August 1889, stipulated that his widow, Edith H., son George A., and three daughters; Florence I., Josephine A. Brockway, would share equally in all investments, property, etc. The 1899 edition of the Annual Report of the Factory Inspectors of the State of New York states W. Brockway employed 160 males and 1 female in the manufacture of carriages and that each employee put in a 60 hour work week. Y., March 19 At Homer, Cortland county, fire yesterday destroyed the Gage companys cutter factory, together with Maxson & Starlins engine works and two dwellings. Brockway, in accordance with an arrangement made prior to the death of the senior. It has the Continental engine, Brown Lipe transmission, Bosch magneto, David Brown English worm drive, vertical finned tube radiator, Sheldon axles and springs and the body and varnish of it of the very high Brockway standard, famous for a half century and more." Two More Worm-Driven Brockways, 2,500 and 4,000 Pounds Since January, when the change in Brockway models from the air-cooled line with elliptic springs and wood frames was first announced, the Brockway Motor Truck Co., Cortland, N. wide, with nine leaves; rear, semi-elliptic, 52 in. The following shipments have recently been made by the American-La France Fire Engine Company, Inc., Elmira, N. The Brockway Motor Truck Company is one of the oldest in the business, and its remarkable success has been the logical outcome of the Brockway policy, which stands for honest dealing and fair prices, and which precludes the building of anything but the best. Brockway has withstood the test of time and the vicissitudes of the motor truck industry.

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