Who is matt bush dating

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It's an afternoon in late November shortly after the rap star has checked…By Will Thorne Along with films and TV shows that knocked the stuffing out of us in a good way, 2016 had its fair share of turkeys that never should have been basted and put in the oven. By Ramin Setoodeh and Brent Lang As the 2016 presidential race inches to a close, it brought out some of the best — and definitely the worst — qualities of a 24-hour news cycle.The family was also living on their boat until it sank.For the premiere of season 2, the family returns with trouble at sea, a bear invasion in their camp, and the disappearance of their girls at one point.At age 23, Matt proved his amazing athletic endurance as a runner when he ran the Pacific Crest Trail - 1,700 miles crossing the length of the California crest - in 58 days.Matt has been teaching primitive skills for the past 20 years, including at the Boulder (Utah) Outdoor Survival School and guiding llama packing trips while continuing to compete as an endurance athlete.Matt is the Stone Age "shaman" of this duo and has more than two decades of experience living off the land.

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By Ramin Setoodeh In her downtown Manhattan dressing room, packed with glittery portraits of herself, Wendy Williams is crying for Kanye West.

They've developed their own accent and dialect, refer to themselves as a "wolf pack," and at night, all nine sleep together in a one-room cabin.

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